Q-POS for multi-outlet retail

SINNONTEQ's intuitive Q-POS (Multi-location store Point Of Sale) software is designed to keep your retail at the front of change. Get the comprehensive solution to run your stores – with point-of-sale, product and advanced inventory management, customer management, and reporting that gives actionable insights. Easily add new users, registers, sales channels, or locations as you grow. Worry less with an online system that always backs up your data, so you can check in on your business from anywhere..

Access the best technology for your business. We work across various platoforms, hence you can increase your sale channels and revenue using e-commerce, mobile commerce, wholesale etc easily. We can connect your branches, franchisees etc to centralised business management system to have your better supervision and monitoring of entire business. This will reduce your operational expenses as well as time drastically to get you maximum profit. At the same time you can focus on to expand your business across various geographies and channels to maximize your sales volume and revenue without much investment and effort. Our best-in-class integrations helps you to connect everything under one umbrella.

Indiviaul store operations can be executed both independnly(offline mode) and connected(integrated with central system). This will carry out your business even though you dont have full-time internet connectivity. The customers across your outlet will feel delighted as they will be recognized as your brand customer in any of your outlet. You will be able to run various customer loyalty programs, reward programs, promotions across all the stores. As management and supervision of all your multi-store outlets are centralized, your management cost overhead will be very minimal. Store level operational expense and manual process to manage your information will be very minimal.