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 Multichannel Sales Management

Sinnonteq helps small and medium business to conduct sales through multiple channels such as e-commerce, stores, online market places, field staffs etc in order to maximize your revenue. We integrate your business units and automate them to perform online, offline, field and hybrid model of sales collaboratively.

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 Business Process Automation

When business grows, you will have to keep your operational cost under control to benefits the maximum profit. We can help you to migrate from expensive and time taken business processes to simple and efficient mechanisms. The Innovations applied will surely be keeping your operational expenses at minimul level. You will be able to benefits from this huge change with 0% risk.

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 Business Data Integration

Any growing business will have multiple business elements such as E-Commerce, multiple stores, field force, trading partners, online marketplaces(Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc), devices etc. Business has to hugely invest on resources to operate all of those resources as they are disconnected. Due to the same reason, there will be data duplications, data errors, mismatches among entire business lines. SINNONTEQ helps the business to integrate all elements to single dashboardto reduce the operational expense and for better control and visibility.

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 Analytics and Intelligence

The solution provided by SINNONTEQ enables the enterprises to consolidate and analyze data from all business elements. The insights from data will help the firm to take quick decisions, detect anomalies, predict the next step of actions. The business intelligence will enable business to optimize the processes and inventory levels. It will save enterprises from huge expenses and deadstocks, over and under stock scenarios

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